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A stylized endless runner/side scroller inspired by Contra and Super Mario Bros. You can't stop running and you can't stop shooting, you can only change platforms and aim your weapon.

You play as a war veteran in his 90s, who relives his PTSD Vietnam memories in his neighborhood.

Every 10 seconds you get a new, completely randomly generated weapon (5 different types + random attributes), which is very effective in killing both enemies and your character.

Level is also generated completely randomly. The environment is destructible - you can jump through platforms.

This game was made in 48 hours during Slavic Game Jam 2016. The theme was "The 90s".


  • W/Space - JUMP UP
  • Mouse - AIM
  • Enter - Start/Restart
  • Escape - Quit


  • Kamil Kozłowski
  • Jakub Rogalski
  • Igor Derbis
  • Maciej Laszkiewicz


Vete Run Jam Version (13 MB)

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