A downloadable game for Windows

It's a massive real-time strategy, in which you have to control three types of units to destroy your enemy and build swarmers on the ashes of his buildings. Your units are produced automatically. You just have to lead them in battle and enlarge your swarm.

Enemies are unknown when you look at them. You have to use special spotlights around the map to light your way — and to prepare for encounter.

The game's visuals are a sophisticated example of placeholder art, with animated cubes and spheres, and basically no textures, because we couldn't get any artists.

To win, you have to destroy a great red tower on the north of the map — inside a well guarded enemy base. To do this, you should dominate some smaller posts (and build some swarmers in there).

You can only build on marked slots.

Every unit has a counter-unit. Discover which is which.

Good luck!


  • Left mouse button – selecting units, building on blue spots
  • Right mouse button – moving units
  • 1, 2, 3 – selecting all units of given type.


  • Kamil Kozłowski
  • Jakub Rogalski
  • Used score: "Passionate ending" by Soft and Furious (public domain)


Jam Final Version 25 MB


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i love RTS game like this. it reminds me a lot of games like warcraft, command&conquer and other great RTS game. i hope theres ai that will fight against me and i hope theres a attack command. great game overall

hope you enjoy it!